Code of Ethics of the Editorial Board and
Founders of ProductinDetail (PiD)

1. Competence model

  1. With an eye for detail - we examine every angle, we uncover every detail.
  2. Expertise - strong know-how and in-house experience in electronics.
  3. Independence - the role of the independent evaluator.

Our mission is to make unavailable data available. We help people make meaningful decisions and save them hours of time spent researching products at the best price/performance ratio.

2. Our most important values

  1. Transparency - we openly share where and how we get our data and how we evaluate products.
  2. Passion - we do what we enjoy and always give 120%.
  3. Uniqueness - we have developed a unique evaluation algorithm that can process hundreds of millions of data quickly and accurately.
  4. Objectivity - we pride ourselves on complete objectivity. We do not favor any one manufacturer or brand and only match results based on facts and relevant information.
  5. Truthfulness - we draw data from official sources from manufacturers and always verify and filter it carefully before publication.

3. Purpose and Objectives of the code

  1. Establish binding rules of conduct for editorial staff and all external collaborators of PiD.
  2. Make it clear to internal and external stakeholders that PiD values ethical behavior.
  3. To inform the public about the company's values and principles.
  4. Create a corporate culture that defines values that are consistent with the PiD Code of Ethics.
  5. Set an ethical framework which PiD staff and those acting on its behalf should operate within.

General Commitments PiD

  1. PiD is committed to conducting its activities in accordance with the Code of Conduct.
  2. PiD undertakes to conduct its business activities in accordance with the law of the Czech Republic, to observe the rules of competition and to act in accordance with good morals.

PiD’s Commitment to Readers

  1. PiD is committed to upholding and promoting principles and values that will support independent evaluation.
  2. PiD will ensure the quality and impartiality of the information presented within the company's products.
  3. PiD fundamentally supports content creation and data sharing that allows people to form their own independent opinions.

PiD’s Obligation to Employees

  1. PiD is committed to creating an environment and conditions for its employees that actively promote meaningful work, personal and professional growth, autonomy and equality of opportunity.
  2. PiD fundamentally rejects discrimination on any grounds and applies the principles of equal treatment irrespective of gender, race, religion or belief, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality or any other ground.

Source of Information and Data

  1. Editors, analysts and other creative staff, including external contributors, are guided by our Code of Conduct when sourcing product information.
  2. PiD further pledges that the product comparison results are objective and not paid for by manufacturers or companies.
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