Data sources

We find out, you decide freely. Hundreds of millions of product data pass through our database every day, which we draw from official sources. Each piece of information is carefully checked and verified before it reaches you. How do we manage to maintain accuracy and truthfulness in such a vast amount of data? By using proprietary ranking algorithms, without which our information hub could not function effectively. Where do we get our data and how do we evaluate it?

1. Information and Data Collection

The first step in the whole process is data collection. We collect data directly from manufacturers and from our own official sources. This database includes verified product reviews, test results and relevant user feedback. It also includes answers to frequently asked questions that you would otherwise have to vigorously search for. For each product, we aggregate all available parameters and information that can in any way influence customers' purchasing decisions.

2. Data Verification and Checking

In the second phase, we check, verify and filter all the collected data with extreme precision. Thanks to our high expertise in the field of electronics, we know the priority of attention to detail and can distinguish facts from false or useless information. Our mission is to provide people with only verified and relevant data, cleansed of nonsense. However, no one is perfect and even we can sometimes slip inaccuracies into our content. If you find one, we'd be happy to work together to correct it.

3. Selection criteria, Evaluation, and Comparison

We can tell you in a picosecond which product is better at what and why, thanks to a unique evaluation algorithm we developed together. We aggregate millions of data, but they have one thing in common - objectivity. We are an independent evaluator who does not favor anyone and is guided only by the available data. We have our own code of ethics. For each product category we have clearly chosen parameters and criteria for comparison with other products. The rest is taken care of by our software, which analyzes and objectively evaluates the products based on these parameters.

4. Regular Data Updates

We are well aware of how fast the times are moving and the truth of yesterday may not be true today. We regularly update our product categories, monitor any changes in certain parameters and do everything we can to ensure that the results always reflect the current market situation.

We draw and verify data from the following sources:

and many others…

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